The Bad, The Bad & the Really Bad – The Sims Freeplay

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When you think of a bad video game you instantly think of low level graphics, poor game design, sensory problems and technical problems like glitches, bugs and game crashing

But a game that has been well designed with good graphics and minimal technical issues can still be considered a bad game, this usually happens when a game is different than what is advertised as and when it fails to meet player expectations.

An example of a game that is considered bad because it failed to meet consumer expectations is the Sims Freeplay.

The Sims Free is a free mobile game developed by EA mobile that was released in 2011. The game was released two years after the Sims 3 and was marketed off the success of the franchise and was presented to consumers as having the same features as the pc versions of the game.

However it failed to meet consumer expectations and is widely considered by players to be a bad game

So what makes this a bad game?

When looking at player reviews on the app store the main reasons it is considered bad are

  • That is is not as good as the original
  • That there are too many pop up ads
  • That recent updates causes glitches and game crashes
  • There is a constant need to spend in game money to complete tasks
  • And that it requires the player  to spend real money to complete in game tasks – despite being advertised as free to play

As discussed by Mackenzie Wark in ‘Digital Allegories on the Sims’ the success of the game is largely due to the creative freedom it allows the player, something that the Sims Freeplay lacks.

The main elements of creative freedom that the Sims Freeplay lacks are

  • Less options for clothing and accessories
  • Can’t set personality characteristics
  • Less control over what the Sims do as tasks are run in real time
  • Is more challenge based than other game in the franchise

While the game was minimally successful for e short period it quickly lost its consumer base and was discontinued from most mobile apps stores in the months following the release of the Sims 4 in 2014

A game can be bad when it fails to meet the expectations of the consumers and when it is fails to

In summary the Sims Freeplay is considered bad not because of the quality of the content or because of the content itself but because it was marketed on the success of previous games in the Sims franchise and failed to live up to player expectations.

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