Peer Comments & Reflection

Comment 1

My 1st comment was on Paris Fabian-Carter’s pitch. Paris’s DA is going to be looking at drinking games and will determine whether paid or free games are better.

What I liked:

  • Clearly established project timeline
  • identified target audience and multiple feedback loops that will inform the content of the project.
  • Relevance to current events which will likely help her establish an audience quickly

What I Suggested

  • How to improve the analytical framework in a way that would better relate to Paris’s target audience and public utility. I did this by providing academic sources that Paris could use as a starting point for further research
  • Suggesting ways to re-frame the analytical framework (looking at context as to why people play drinking video games as opposed to why they are made)

What I could have done better

  • While I think this is my strongest comment of the three, it could have been improved by further relating to subject content 

Comment 2

My 2nd comment was on Shellyce Hobill’s pitch which is on how sound influences audience interactions in video games.

What I liked

  • Overall presentation of pitch
  • organisation of production timeline

What I suggested

  • Shellyce’s chosen platform to share content is twitter, which while relevant to the BCM cohort may limit how much of a feedback loop they will receive. I suggested Tik Tok as an alternative platform as well as found and recommended a relevant sub-reddit that content could be shared and primary research could be collected.

What I could have done better

  • As Shellyce already had a large amount of academic research recommending additional sources may not have been overly useful. I could have improved this comment by linking to subject content and finding examples of similar works.

Comment 3

My 3rd comment was on Luke Andrews, Luke’s pitch is a collaborative project that will explore the aesthetics of video games.

What I liked

  • Very well organised and detailed pitch that clearly established the analytical framework, target audience and content schedule
  • I could relate examples given in the pitch to my own experiences
  • I learn something new about the topic in the pitch 

What I suggested

  • Further ways of gaining audience feedback and how to engage viewers in their content. While I think that Lukes approach to the DA is best suited to a visual platform like Instagram it can be a difficult platform to establish an audience and gain meaningful feedback which is why I offered reddit as an alternative platform.

What I could have done better

  • Much like Shellyce’s pitch Luke had already included a lot of relevant academic research so providing additional sources may not have been very useful. I could have improved this comment by linking to concepts discussed in subject lectures.

Reflection on my own Pitch

My digital artefact is looking at modding in video games and what they provide to the player. From commenting on my peers’ pitches and reflecting on comments given on my own pitch I have identified a number of areas that I can improve upon in my own DA.

  • I need to establish an approach to how I examine my analytical framework (e.g. utilitarian, structuralism, media archaeology etc.)
  • As pointed out in Willems comment some aspects of my analytical framework overlap so I will need to workout how to differentiate each of them
  • Make a more clear project timeline with specific dates and what will be posted. This suggestion was made by Samantha who recommended this as it will help me visualise and organise my work.

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